Episode Remember the Monsters?

Season 8, episode 12 of Dexter

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Remember the Monsters?

Genres: Drama, Crime, Mystery

Countries: USA

Released: 2013

Remember the Monsters?

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Remember the Monsters?

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Dexter has to act quickly when Hannah tells him Elway is staking out the airport. He finds a way to get him out of the way but it also leads to the entire airport being closed. With a hurricane bearing down on Miami, few options are open to them. Dexter races to the hospital when he learns that Deb has been shot. She seems to be recovering and he decides to send Hannah and Harrison to Jacksonville where they could catch a flight. A return trip to the hospital leads to Saxon's arrest but also bad news about Deb. Realizing that he has, directly or indirectly, been responsible for the death of everyone he's ever loved, Dexter accepts there is only one option open to him.

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Christina Ricci


Alexis Bledel

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