Episode Scar Tissue

Season 8, episode 4 of Dexter

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Scar Tissue

Genres: Drama, Crime, Mystery

Countries: USA

Released: 2013

Scar Tissue

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Scar Tissue

The next potential killer on Vogel's list is A.J. Yates, who was institutionalized at 15. Vogel tried to channel his hostilities much as she did with Dexter but was unable to do so. When Dexter sees a huge scar on his head, he learns from Vogel that Yates had surgery to remove a brain lesion. He breaks into Yates' house and finds something interesting in the closet. Dexter isn't alone in the house however and it looks he may be their man. He also finds something that affects his relationship with Vogel. Dexter meets a neighbor, Cassie, from the next door apartment. The police have a murder victim, Norma Rivera, who Dexter believes was killed by someone she knew. Angel presses Quinn, who has passed his exams, to solve the case if he hope to make sergeant. Masuka gets a surprise visitor at the station. Dr. Vogel begins working with Deb and they visit the container where she shot LaGuerta. She seems to be making progress but doubt sets in and she decides to do something about it.

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Alison Pill


Morena Baccarin

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