Episode Every Silver Lining...

Season 8, episode 2 of Dexter

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Every Silver Lining...

Genres: Drama, Crime, Mystery

Countries: USA

Released: 2013

Every Silver Lining...

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Every Silver Lining...

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Dr. Vogel shows Dexter some video she shot when his father Harry visited her for help in treating him. Dexter was only 10 years old when Harry first visited her and she takes more than just a little of the credit for what Dexter calls Harry's code: that he would only kill bad people. Vogel says she did it because she cared for him. Having saved his life, she now wants to call in a favor: she thinks the man who recently sliced open someone's brain and left the body on the beach is one of her former patients. She wants Dexter to do what she and Harry taught him to do. Deb's boss meanwhile isn't too keen that she put herself at risk in trying to recover the jewels from Briggs. She's not done yet, convinced that Briggs kept the jewels in a storage facility. She gets more than she bargained for. The police find another body with his skull and brain sliced open. Dexter finds a fingerprint leading him to a man named Sussman, who hasn't been seen for a few weeks.

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