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The Weight of Chains 2

Genres: Documentary, Comedy, History

Countries: USA, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, Republic of Macedonia

Released: 2014

The Weight of Chains 2

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The Weight of Chains 2

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'The Weight of Chains 2' is a documentary film largely dealing with the effects of the Washington Consensus economic doctrine on the newly established former Yugoslav republics, but also with neoliberalism as an economic concept. Through interviews with Noam Chomsky, Oliver Stone and many others, the author, Serbian-Canadian Boris Malagurski, attempts to analyze why so many people in the Balkans are disappointed with the systems imposed after the fall of socialism and how capitalism could be improved. Looking at the examples of Ecuador and Iceland, the film tries to uncover alternatives to the prevailing orthodoxies of Western economic dictates and help developing nations find their own way to shape their economies and their countries.

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Paula Malcomson


Riki Lindhome

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