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Clifford's Really Big Movie

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Family, Adventure

Countries: USA

Released: 2004

Clifford's Really Big Movie

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Clifford's Really Big Movie

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Clifford overhears Mr. Bleakman say that feeding him must cost a lot of money. A carnival act called "Larry's Amazing Animals" has just been in town, and the animals in the show told Clifford about an animal contest with a prize of a lifetime supply of Tummy Yummies. So he decides to run away along with Cleo and T-Bone, join the carnival act, win the contest, and bring the food back. Soon Clifford is the star of the show, and Shackleford the ferret, who'd always been the star, gets jealous. Clifford just wants to help and win the contest -- but getting back home to Emily Elizabeth may not be as easy as he thinks, even after the contest is over.

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Rachael Harris


Laurie Holden

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